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INNOVATIVE SKINCARE continuously invests in growing your business through superior educational programs, marketing strategies and materials, and public relations in order to drive consumers into your practice.

EUI Laboratoire France has been a trusted ally to skin care and beauty professionals world wide for more than 20 + years. Our integrated suite of clean + clinical skin solutions includes a full range of elevated essentials, targeted solutions, and professional treatments for homecare and backbar use.
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    • EUI Professionalâ„  Ambassadors are brand advocates with no annual retail sales commitment.
    • Ambassadors gain access to the full suite of product and digital business + training solutions with unlimited drop shipping for clients in the US + Canada.

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    • EUI Professionalâ„  Retailers are authorized retailers with an annual retail sales commitment.
    • Retailers have access to all Ambassador program benefits in addition to retail marketing resources + business development solutions.