Our Passion


ELAB FRANCE dedicated years to research and development at EUI Laboratories FRANCE, conducting tests on innovative products in beauty aesthetic salons and skin clinic centers. The results of this extensive effort are evident today.

As a brand, ELAB FRANCE is in a constant state of evolution. We offer pure and innovative skincare products, incorporating the most luxurious, natural, and rigorously selected active ingredients. Our commitment extends to reducing concentrations of preservatives, and our products are never tested on animals.

The mission of ELAB FRANCE is to enhance the well-being and personal evolution of our customers. Our true passion lies in harmonizing the infinite discoveries within conscious science and nature. Skincare and wellness provide the perfect canvas to integrate these inspirations, leading to boundless possibilities.

Established in 1997, ELAB FRANCE remains steadfast in creating innovative skincare products. Endorsed by dermatologists, medical skin clinics, spas, and premium skincare salons, our products aim to restore skin's natural properties, prevent future damage, and promote the creation of beautiful skin.


Our Mission

Perfecting the rigor in creating high-quality products for healthy, beautiful skin, ELAB FRANCE is propelled by an unparalleled passion for integrating scientific innovation into the realm of skincare. Consequently, each ingredient in our products is meticulously examined and selected to formulate leading solutions that provide optimal benefits to the skin.