The EUI Laboratoire France Difference

 EUI Laboratoire France products are used and recommended by dermatologists, medical skin clinics, spas and premium skincare salons.

Inspired by Nature.
Realized by Science.

Our Passion

It's in the family

Since 1997, our true passion has been to combine the infinite discoveries found within both science and nature to provide skincare solutions for our customers’ well-being and enjoyment.

Our Process

Pure Ingredients

 Our scientists transform naturally-derived plant compounds into functional bioactive cosmetic ingredients.  State-of-the-art encapsulation technologies guarantee optimum bioavailability and thus ensure the effectiveness of the active ingredients sourced.

Our Promise

Clean & Green

Through comprehensive research and testing, EUI Laboratoire products adhere to the strictest manufacturing regulations set by the EU Cosmetics Directive and the FDA in the United States. We minimize the concentration of preservatives in our products, which are not tested on animals.

Our Commitment

EUI Laboratoire strives to educate our customers to ensure that each person fully understands how to maintain a daily regimen that will bring maximum results for glowing skin. We are committed to restoring vitality and health to your skin without any irritation or harmful side effects.

Our Philosophy

Our belief is that true beauty is found in natural, healthy, radiant skin.


The founder of EUI Laboratoire, Victoria Jo, saw the need for a gentle and natural skincare solution that was an effective and powerful tool against aging.