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Trifill-Pro creates a space in the skin (Air Pockets) by injecting high pressure medical CO2 Gas. At this stage of damaging skin, it stimulates the activation of collagen. It is a next generation total skin improvement system that sequentially injects a solution suitable for the skin type into the exfoliated dermal layer and simultaneously exhibits physical (peel) + chemical (Bohr effect) effects. The drugs in air pocket can be expected to last longer and have better effects.

– Enhancing Solution Effects
– Accuracy
– Pain Minimization
– Solution Loss Minimization
– Semi-Permanent
– Mark less

What is Subcision?
Subcision is a form of scar restoration technique specialized in treating acne scar and widely used in the treatment of various atrophic scars. Subcision is a short form for subcutaneous incision, also known as “Dermistomy”. With the insertion of needle shaped surgical instrument into the scar area, it cuts off the fiber band that adheres from the bottom, activates collagen synthesis and the effect of new blood vessel formation lets the scars fill up. Dissection of the adherent tissue in the dermis layer by CO2 gas. Direct Injection of the regeneration solution into the space created by dissection. The space fills with regenerated dermis and fundamentally improves the skin. Effective ingredients of various drugs are expressed in the skin (Juvelook, Rejuran, PDRN, PN, Exosome, Hyaluronic, Derma-58, NCTF 135 HA, etc.) Wrinkle improvement, skin regeneration, water shine treatment, etc. In some cases, it extends the scope of surgical application such as neck wrinkles, minor wrinkles and eye wrinkles. Prevention of re-adhesion of air-pocket generated by CO2 gas spray Subcision treatment effect can be maintained for longer period of time.

Pre-order Terms & Condition:
* Lead Time: 3 ~ 4 weeks
* Payment: Deposit 70% and Balance 30% before final ship.
* Warranty: 1-Year Manufacturer Warranty and not included shipping fee.
* FOB: It depends on the Equipment’s manufacturer made in from.
* Shipping & Handling: Yes, we will let you know the estimate.
* Free-Loaner: Free 100% Possible in case it takes more than 3-4 weeks until delivery.
* Training: Hands-on available and we can make schedule.


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