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Acne Skincare Solution

Banish breakouts and balance oil production with effective skincare for acne. Purify, clarify, and detox, with our lineup of the best acne treatments for clear skin.

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Enzyme Exfoliant Cleanser (Powder) 35g

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Clear Acne Toner

Clear Acne Toner 200ml

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Acne Serum 15ml

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Revitalizing Gel Cream 50ml

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Cysteamine 5% Cream 50ml (PM)

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Hyaluronic Acid Cream

Hyaluronic Hydro Cream 50ml

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Fresh Glow Lumious Sunscreen SPF50

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Stem Cell Anti Aging Mask

Stem Cells Anti-Aging Mask (1Box/3Sheets)

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Acne Treatment Tips & More

The skin of your dreams is easier than ever to obtain with these tips from our skincare experts. The more you know about acne and its effects, the better equipped you'll be to say "Bye bye, blemish!" Discover how ELab French Skincare Acne Treatment can help you take back your skin and more in our resources below.

Get the best acne products with ELab French Skincare lineup of essential acne- fighting, clarifying, and balancing products. From blackheads to breakouts, acne is the most common skin condition in the US. There are two types of acne, non-inflammatory acne—white and blackheads, and inflammatory—regular zits with or without a head. When choosing your skincare for acne, you’ll be looking for products that balance excess oil which causes clogged pores.


If you have oily or combination skin you have more oil producing glands than those with dry skin, so you’ll need to reduce the oil production without drying the skin. Oil-free formulations which clarify and balance are ideal for this. Look to products that contain salicylic acid and niacinamide. Fighting the bacteria that contributes to inflammatory acne, these actives clear out pores, reducing them in size, and preventing further breakouts. For treating white and blackheads, AHAs (alpha hydroxy acids) such as glycolic and lactic acid will be your helper products as they provide deep, effective exfoliation. A key tip for clearing skin and preventing acne is to ensure you are cleansing your face thoroughly at night. Removing excess oil, debris, makeup, and any other build-up from the day is crucial in letting your skin repair and regenerate overnight. A clear acne cleanser followed with a acne serum for overnight clarity will be an game-changer.

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Effective Daily Regimen: For Acne + Breakouts’ Morning & Evening Skin Care

Step Morning (AM) Step Night (PM) Home Care Treatment
1Enzyme Exfoliant Cleanser1Enzyme Exfoliant Cleanser
2Clear Acne Toner2Clear Acne Toner
3Acne Serum3Cysteamine Cream
4Revitalizing Cream (or)4Stem Cell Anti-Aging Mask*2~3 times per week (20 min)
5Hyaluronic Hydro Cream
6Fresh Glow Sunscreen SPF50