Pores + Shine

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Pores Oily & Combination Care Solution

Reduce the appearance of visible pores and unwanted shine with our lineup of pore minimizing and moisturizer products.

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Enzyme Exfoliant Cleanser (Powder) 35g

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Clear Acne Toner

Clear Acne Toner 200ml

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Oxygen O2 Serum 15ml

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Revitalizing Gel Cream 50ml

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Cysteamine 5% Cream 50ml (PM)

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Fresh Glow Lumious Sunscreen SPF50

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Stem Cell Anti Aging Mask

Stem Cells Anti-Aging Mask (1Box/3Sheets)

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Pores oily & Combination Skin Tips & More

Discover how to minimize pores and mattify skin with our expert advice on how to balance, purify, and clarify your combination or oily skin, plus get top product recommendations to support your skin journey.

Visible pores skin can be a daily challenge for oily and combination skin. That’s why we’ve created a lineup of products that work synergistically to help balance excess oil - without drying skin, while also purifying, mattifying, and reducing the appearance of pores. Over production of oil is caused by the sebaceous glands in your skin, and,
depending on both internal and external factors, the activity of these glands can change. Hormones, environmental stressors, the seasons of the year, can all affect how shiny your skin is. First up, opt for formulations that are oil-free, so you’re not adding any extra slickness to your complexion. Then look to mattifying ingredients such as salicylic acid - which helps balance, detox, and break down the oil in pores which could lead to breakouts.

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Effective Daily Regimen: For Pores + Shine’s Morning & Evening Skin Care

Step Morning (AM) Step Night (PM) Home Care Treatment
1Enzyme Exfoliant Cleanser1Enzyme Exfoliant Cleanser
2Clear Acne Toner2Clear Acne Toner
3Oxygen O2 Serum3Cysteamine Cream
4Revitalizing Cream4Stem Cell Anti-Aging Mask*2~3 times per week (20 min)
5Fresh Glow Sunscreen SPF50