Post Care (After Peeling & Laser)

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Post Care (After Peeling & Laser)

Recommend Skincare Lines:
EGF / Oxygen O2 / Vitamin C / Cysteamine

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Collagen Foaming Cleanser 200ml

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Enzyme Exfoliant Cleanser (Powder) 35g

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Soothing Essence Toner 200ml

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HS15 1

Hyaluronic Acid Serum 15ml

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ES15 01

EGF Serum 15ml

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Oxygen O2 Serum 15ml

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Vitamin C 18% Serum 15ml

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Stem Cell Cream

Stem Cells Cream 50ml

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Cysteamine 5% Cream 50ml (PM)

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Eye Lifting Serum Shade image

Eye Lifting Cream 15ml

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Fresh Glow Lumious Sunscreen SPF50

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Stem Cell Anti Aging Mask

Stem Cells Anti-Aging Mask (1Box/3Sheets)

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Recommend Skincare Lines:

Post Care Treatment Tips & More

It is very important to relieve skin discomfort and swelling after laser peel/herbal peel. For the best after-care, it is recommended to use ELab French Skincare Stem Cell Anti-aging Mask at home in 3 times a week, freeze the Cooling Stick, and then massage the treatment area.

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Post Care (After Peeling & Laser)

Effective Daily Regimen: For Post Care’s Morning & Evening Skin Care

Step Morning (AM) Step Night (PM) Home Care Treatment
1Collagen Foaming Cleanser1Collagen Foaming Cleanser
2Enzyme Exfoliant Cleanser2Enzyme Exfoliant Cleanser(*2-3 times per week - AM/PM)
3Essence Soothing Toner3Essence Soothing Toner
4Oxygen O2 Serum (1)4Vitamin C Serum
5EGF Serum (2)5Cysteamine Cream
6Stem Cell Cream6Eye Lift Cream(*2-3 times per week)
7Eye Lift Cream7Stem Cell Anti-Aging Mask*2~3 times per week (20 min)
8Fresh Glow Sunscreen SPF508Cooling StickPersonal Self Equipment
9Stem Cell Anti-Aging Mask