Mature Skin & Uneven Texture

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Mature Skin & Uneven Texture Care Solution

Mature-Aging With Uneven skin texture? Or dull, dry skin? Look to products to smooth skin texture with exfoliating, refining, and resurfacing actives for a softer, supple complexion. Mature skin usually has a duller complexion. It may be dry and pale, have open pores, hyperpigmentation

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Collagen Foaming Cleanser 200ml

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Enzyme Exfoliant Cleanser (Powder) 35g

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Soothing Essence Toner 200ml

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HS15 1

Hyaluronic Acid Serum 15ml

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ES15 01

EGF Serum 15ml

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Vitamin C 18% Serum 15ml

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Stem Cell Cream

Stem Cells Cream 50ml

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Collagen Cream

Whitening Cream 50ml (PM)

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Revitalizing Gel Cream 50ml

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Fresh Glow Lumious Sunscreen SPF50

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Stem Cell Anti Aging Mask

Stem Cells Anti-Aging Mask (1Box/3Sheets)

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Mature-Aging Skin & Uneven Texture Products Tips & More

If you suffer from uneven skin, don't worry, you aren't alone. Many people deal with rough or uneven skin texture throughout their lives, but the solution can be simple with professional quality skincare. Learn how you can smooth your uneven skin texture and prevent rough patches with these informative beauty articles.

Skin texture can be caused by a combination of things such as sun damage, pollution, lack of exfoliation, exposure to harsh ingredients, unbalanced skin pH, or more serious skin conditions. Uneven texture can also be due to the skin’s natural aging processes where cell renewal slows down over time, causing dead skin cells to build up, leaving skin feeling rough and generally lackluster.

This is where products to smooth skin texture, refine, and resurface really come into play. To help you get smoother, supple, glowing skin EUILab French Skincare has a stellar lineup of products for uneven skin texture, powered by stem cells, alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs), Kojic Acid, squalene and eco-friendly micro-scrubbing enzyme exfoliant cleanser to get to work softening, smoothing, and strengthening skin from the surface, and delivering actives deeper within. Featuring our best products to smooth skin texture, from cleanser and toners, to moisturizers, serum, and oils, get your smoothing strategy on point with our elevated essentials.

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Mature Skin & Uneven Texture

Post Care (After Peeling & Laser)

Product Step by Application:

Step Morning (AM) Step Night (PM) Home Care Treatment
1Collagen Foaming Cleanser1Collagen Foaming Cleanser
2Enzyme Exfoliant Cleanser2Enzyme Exfoliant Cleanser(*2-3 times per week - AM/PM)
3Essence Soothing Toner3Essence Soothing Toner
4Hyaluronic Acid Serum (1)4Vitamin C Serum
5EGF Serum (2)5Whitening Cream
6Stem Cell Cream (1)6Stem Cell Anti-Aging Mask(*2-3 times per week)
7Revitalizing Cream (2)
8Fresh Glow Sunscreen SPF50