Founder Victoria Jo

Victoria has a simple mission: to provide safe, high-quality anti-aging products that are gentle to the skin and yet effective.

Born in South Korea, Victoria has always been interested in beauty and skincare regimen; her passion and interest in the industry inspired Victoria to open and run a successful skincare spa in Seoul. Not quite satisfied with the success, she moved to the USA in pursuit of mastering her skill as an esthetician. For over 16 years, she has dedicated herself to teaching and working in the field of esthetics in New York City.

Such rich experiences established Victoria as a respected and internationally well-known esthetician—a skincare professional who has taught at various skincare seminars all around the world and was a New York State Esthetician supervisor. In addition to her experiences in the city as an esthetician and supervisor, she has studied aromatherapy and organic skincare with a well-known traditional England aromatherapy company and also medical-grade skincare line companies in Germany, Switzerland, Spain, and France.

Her interest in providing effective skincare line began when she was diagnosed with a rare liver disease; the disease caused her skin to become hypersensitive, and unsatisfied with the effectiveness and the ingredients of skincare products for her skin, she began to create her own remedies. Due to her sensitive skin, she initially utilized her knowledge of organic botanicals to build her gentle skincare solutions, but found the mixtures to be too mild; further research in organic ingredients showed Victoria that natural extracts themselves were not potent enough to provide dramatic and comprehensive skin rejuvenation. This is when Victoria decided that there was a real need for a high-quality, safe, gentle and effective anti-aging skin solution. This became her mission: to provide reliable skincare products that safely and effectively work!

Victoria has traveled all around the world to find the best ingredients for her skincare line and finally, she has decided to collaborate with European United International Lab in France, which developed and currently utilizes cutting-edge science for cosmeceutical-grade application. With help from her team of top French chemists, each product was developed with the most potent ingredients, and Victoria soon mastered the art of enhancing the ingredients found in nature with cutting-edge science.

Effective skincare products with award winning, patented formulas, ingredients, and technology were born; the perfect harmony of science and nature was captured in her new-developed products.

By using cutting-edge technology and organic ingredients, Victoria offers a ‘youthful glowing appearance’ and works to turn back time for your skin. Experience youthful healthy glow with Victoria.