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The ELAB FRANCE’s Difference

Pioneers and Creators in the field of Cosmeceuticals, ELAB FRANCE combines highly concentrated and rigorously tested active ingredients with thorough research into skin concerns to provide a line of scientifically proven, highly effective skincare products. Since its inception in 1997, ELAB FRANCE team of dermatologists, plastic surgeons and estheticians has decided to use their knowledge and practical experience in the field of high-performance cosmeceuticals. ELAB FRANCE is skin improvement with a focus on efficiency and maximum tolerance. Our experts are also mainly dedicated to research and development to meet the growing demand for high-quality niche products. ELAB FRANCE professionally formulates skincare products to combat the factors that can cause internal and external aging of the skin, which is a key topic in today's society.


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Inspired by Nature. Realized by Science.

Our Passion

It's in the family

Since 1997, we've been driven by a genuine passion to merge the limitless discoveries within both science and nature, crafting skincare solutions dedicated to enhancing our customers' well-being and providing enjoyment.

Our Process

Pure Ingredients

Our scientists transform naturally-derived plant compounds into functional bioactive cosmetic ingredients. State-of-the-art encapsulation technologies guarantee optimum bioavailability and thus ensure the effectiveness of the active ingredients sourced.

Our Promise

Clean & Green

Through thorough research and testing, ELAB FRANCE skincare products comply with the rigorous manufacturing regulations outlined by the EU Cosmetics Directive and the FDA in the United States. We prioritize minimizing the concentration of preservatives in our products, and rest assured, none of our formulations undergo animal testing.

Our Commitment

ELAB FRANCE is dedicated to educating our customers, ensuring that each individual fully comprehends how to maintain a daily regimen for optimal results and radiant skin. Our commitment lies in restoring vitality and health to your skin, free from any irritation or harmful side effects.

Our Philosophy

Our belief is that true beauty is found in natural, healthy, radiant skin.

Our Story

The founder of ELAB FRANCE, Victoria Jo, recognized the demand for a gentle and natural skincare solution that could serve as an effective and powerful tool against the aging process.


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