1st Home Post Care

post care

1st Home Post Care

Please be given to client with Post Peel Cream after finished Peeling Treatment. Client should be using at home as post skin care for AM/PM or anytime if feel dry out for 1WEEK ONLY!

Post Peel Cream (30ml) works for nourishing, moisturizing, protecting, enhancing peeling during Hemp Herbal Peel Time. (For 1 Week Only)


1. Ref.PC30 - Post Peel Cream (30ml / 1.0oz)
2. Ref.SB50 - Fresh Glow Luminous Sunscreen SPF 50 (50ml / 1.7oz)

1st HOME POST PEEL CARE (Step by Step)

(For the after Herbal Peel Treatment - Only for 1st Week Use AM & PM)

1. (Post Peel Cream) in 1 week only / apply it in every 2~3 hours if you feel dryness.

2. (Sunscreen Cream SPF 50)
Note: This is import post care for 1 week. During the Hemp Herbal-PeelingTreatment, it should not be damaging to the skin layer. It gives enough moisturizing effect and nourishing to the skin barrier so then the most dead cells are removed easily and softly and softly during Herbal Peeling Treatment.